Peripheral equipment in front of the folder gluer:

Diana FeederStackturnerInlet Spotter

Abbildung Diana System X

Ergonomic turning

The MK Diana Stackturner relieves the operating personnel upstream of the folder gluer. High folder gluer production speeds require a continuous material feed. This makes the manual turning of blanks an arduous task for the operating personnel, especially where large blanks are processed.

The MK Diana Stackturner has an ergonomic design and is very tolerant to different blank pile heights, so that the operator does not have to pay particular attention to this. Adding a MK Diana Feeder and MK Diana Packer significantly increases the productivity of the folder gluer and reduces the work strain on the operating personnel.

Data sheet
checked Blank piles of 100 to 300 mm
checked Automatic turning and feeding of the blank piles into the MK Diana Feeder
checked Up to 4 turning cycles per minute
checked Easy operation via operator panel

Location Germany

As a research and development location of folder gluers and peripheral machines, we have a large test center with our own folder gluers and robots.

Our focus in Germany

  • Research & development
  • Folder gluers
  • Handling robots
  • Product management
  • Sales & service support